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Meeting Point of Hopeful People

solidarity and



We are Anatolian Volunteers who aim to raise the level of 'social development' in every field in a sense of solidarity, which is the common foundation of societies;


  • increase solidarity,

  • strengthen education,

  • creating sustainable spaces that protect nature

  • to support cooperatives and ecological production 

  • We aim to highlight rural development.

Considering our national priorities and goals, we are preparing projects strengthened with local and international networks for the development of Anatolia.​ We are together with the principle of the beauty of solidarity. We invite you to be a partner in this solidarity.

as life produces

and as you share


Above all , we have a heart that believes in justice, equality and fraternity , and we have hopes that our world will progress in a just order.  


We are ready to work in solidarity. We promise to stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone who works with us, to take them further  cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and to create a more reliable for the future.


Every time we look in the mirror, we remind ourselves of our responsibilities , if we join hands for the Development of Anatolia;

We believe that we will create a better country.

Our founding purpose and core values 

without geographical boundaries

our teammates 

'Human' at its core

everything is here, join you 

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